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Get more out of your rental experience. Don’t just find a place to live, find an apartment for rent in London Ontario that offers you an exceptional lifestyle.

Take a look at how you’re living – do you have all the amenities you want at your doorstep? Are you in a convenient location? Are you happy with your commute time? How about the length of time it takes to get the kids to school? Are you too close to the urban buzz? Are you too far from the urban buzz?

Everyone’s needs are different, that’s why it’s important to know what you want for your lifestyle, and know what is available for rent in London Ontario before you make your decision. The bottom line isn’t just about size and price, there are many other factors that can add amazing options into your lifestyle.

Renting an apartment provides you with the opportunity to live close to what matters to you most. You may choose to live near family, friends, specific schools, places of worship or services you require. You can set your life up so that shopping, nightlife and transportation in your community serve your every need. You may choose the convenience of living close to work. You may love being surrounded by nature and choose an apartment surrounded by trees and lush greenery – or you may be an urbanite who wants to be at the heart of the city. And if your needs change and a different location makes more sense, with renting, it’s only 60 days’ notice away, and not much of a major expense to move to a place that accommodates your changing lifestyle (especially when compared to the cost and hassle of having to sell your home to relocate!).


Finding an apartment for rent in London Ontario that has great lifestyle options right on site is the best decision you’ll make. If you like to keep up the fitness regime, make sure you rent an apartment with an onsite fitness centre. Not only convenient, you’ll save on the gym membership fees too. Runner? Cyclist? Avid dog walker? Live near scenic trails and paths. Enjoy a bit of leisure and indulgence?

But be aware, perhaps you just need a spacious home, something with a yard or terrace, and don’t need onsite amenities. There are options beyond the highrise to best suit your needs, a low-rise or a townhome may be more conducive to your lifestyle.

Find an apartment for rent in London Ontario that meets all of your lifestyle needs and you’ll truly get the most out of your rental experience!