Norquay Property Management

With over 40 years in construction, land development and the rental industry, Norquay knows what you want in your new home. We’re not just property managers, our extensive background in construction and development means that we oversee every aspect of your new apartment, from the planning stage to the move-in date – now that’s quality control!

Since 1972 Norquay has constructed more than 2,200 rental apartments and townhome suites, plus an additional 600 homes, 215 condos and 1,500 lots in 10 subdivision communities throughout London. Whether buying or renting, we pride ourselves on providing homes that we’re sure people will enjoy now and for years to come.

With a focus on apartments for rent in London, Woodstock, Goderich and Chatham, we offer prime locations, giving residents the best opportunities in the area.